I am the mom of two daughters that are both silly, young and totally amazing kids.  Both daughters were diagnosed in 2015 with Celiac Disease.  At the time it felt like our entire world turned upside down and it would be so difficult to live in a world where most foods are full of gluten.  It was scary and uncertain and I remember scouring the internet trying to find all the information I could to keep my children safe.  Has it been all sunshine and rainbows?  Not at all.  Has it been difficult and scary and overwhelming at times?  Absolutely.  BUT…we are getting by.  Just like you will.  We are living gluten free to the best of our ability and we are making it work.  I am not a doctor, nor an expert, but I am here to lend the knowledge that I have learned to help others facing this same situation.  I am on your side and here to help and answer questions and calm fears you may have!